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Start your customisation journey with us here! We have listed down the steps that most of our clients go through for your easy reference. Call us at +65 8288 0722 or +65 9048 9917 to schedule your first appointment with us now.

Step 1: Getting to Know You

We want to know all about you. We want to know your favourite colour. Where you will be wearing the shoes to. Your likes. Your dislikes. Your hobbies. Cats or dogs? And more.

We always make it our mission to know all about the person who is making the shoes. We do this not because we are nosy, but because we want to be able to help you with your design process and give you the best suggestion and advice that can help you make the perfect pair of shoes.

Step 2: The Measurement

We will then proceed to measure the width, length, and thickness of your feet with an accuracy of up to a single millimetre. Both feet will be measured to get an accurate measurement as we know that it is actually common for both feet to be of different sizes.

Step 3: Unleash Your Design Talent

This is where the fun begins! We welcome all our clients to let their creativity and personality flow into their designs. What you get to customise:

  • Design and Cutting of Shoes
  • Leather Selection: We have a wide selection of leathers such as plain grain, saffiano finishing, patent, pattern, weave, glitter and also lamb skin. For the lining of the shoes, it is standard kid skin throughout to increase the comfort level.
  • Heel Height and Size
  • Ribbons or Buckles – we have them all.

We are here to make your dream shoes come to life. Let your personality shine! Don’t be afraid to go wild. We have had experiences making classic everyday heels to a flamboyant red glitter and fur date night heels.

Step 4: Design in Process

Once you have finalised your design, we will draw out a visualisation for you to get a sense of how your shoes will look like when everything is put together! Once you give us the go-ahead, we will then send it to our shoe-maker to make them.

Step 5: Shoe-Making

This usually takes between 4-6 weeks and we will keep you updated along the way! Expect to collect your personalised and ultra-comfy shoes when we call you!

About the Brand: Someone on the Internet famously said, “Good shoes take you (to) good places” and we agree with this whole-heartedly. We understand the pain (literally) of wearing ill-fitted shoes, and here at Le Cuore, we specialise in making customised shoes that are designed to fit your feet perfectly. This is done while not compromising on the design and also giving you the space to display your creativity.

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New collections. New designers. New item drops. Be the first to know what’s happening in Singapore fashion.